Сказка о потерянном времени

MOSFILM THE TALE OF TIME LOST Based on the fairy tale by
Yevgeny Schwartz Screenplay and lyrics by
Vladimir LIFSHITS Directed by
Alexander PTUSHKO Director of Photography
S. RUBASHKIN Production Designer – A. BERGER
Director – R. KHAIROVA Music by Igor MOROZOV
Sound by M. BLYAKHINA English Subtitles The Cast: Petya Zubov –
O. ANOFRIEV, Grisha PLOTKIN Sorcerers: Prokofy Prokofievich –
S.MARTINSON, Zhenya SOKOLOV Andrey Andreyevich –
G.VITSIN, Seryozha KARPONOSOV Sorceresses: Anna Ivanovna –
I. MURZAYEVA, Zina KUKUSHKINA Avdotya Petrovna –
Militia Sergeant – V. GRACHYOV “Moskvitch” Owner –
Cuckoo – Ye. SINELNIKOVA Artistic Association “Yunost” Hi! My name is Friendly, and my owner’s – Petya Zubov. Don’t be surprised: I’m not talking,
I’m just thinking. Everyone knows that dogs don’t talk. Petya is a good boy, he is just somewhat disorganized, and is very fond of sleeping late. You don’t want to wake up?
Then I will wake you up! Leave me alone, Friendly!
Who do you think you are? What’s all this jangle? Oh boy, I think I’m late! What d’you think, Friendly,
can I overtake Kolya or not? Too bad these are just ordinary
wheels. If I had the pneumatic tires,
then it wouId be no problem. And if I had the jet… Petya! Your head in the clouds
again? Leave the scooter alone! Get dressed, quick!
The breakfast is ready! I’ve got plenty of time. It goes on like this every day! When I grow up, I’ll invent
a shoe-lacing machine. You just put your foot in a shoe,
and the machine laces it up. You put in the other one,
and it has it laced too. They’ll give me a prize for it,
I’ll buy myself a motor scooter and go on it… I’ll go…
first of all… to Africa! How many times do I have to tell
you? You’ll be tardy for school! I won’t, mom! Get dressed, wash up and have
your breakfast. I’m coming, mom! You sneak! He doesn’t value time. People like him are an easy prey for the wicked sorcerers. You think they don’t exist? You do? Of course, they don’t exist. And what about me?
Any word is under a ban! I’m a harmless,
inconspicuous old man! Not existing, not existing, But I’ll prove, so that you knew They are very much existing. I’m going to play a dirty trick
on you! Go to your left – it’s just a forest. Go to your right – again a forest. But get into a hollow trunk nest –
And see a magic forest at its best! This is my forest.
Not a single leaf or flower! A feast for the eye! What’s the matter, goggle-eyed? Why aren’t you guarding the hut?
You’d better watch out, loafer! We are home at last! No one to greet us. It’s weird! They must be sleeping, spongers. Let’s proceed.
The letter “Z”… Zakharov, Vassily Kupriyanovich, doesn’t switch off the light
in the communal rest room. A suspicious character, anyway. Zakharovsky doesn’t switch it off
either. Zakhariants lives beyond his means.
A black-marketeer. Zuyev… Slow down, my wicked one. Malingerer! Prokofy Prokofievich! What are you doing? Snitching on everybody
who is in the telephone book. We’re already as far as
the letter “Z”. Snitching! Who needs it now? You’re out of touch, you don’t
want to use your imagination. You can’t come up with a single
nasty thing. And you call yourseIves wicked
sorcerers! You’re just frauds, that’s what
you are! That’s because of our old age.
When I was young, I was a whiz kid. Shut up, you sponger! Andriushka, what’s your
responsibility? To arouse in people
envy and grief… Oh sorry, I mean
greed and envy. – And how are you arousing it?
– Badly, Prokofy Prokofievich! Lately, I’ve been arousing it
very poorly. Once in a while I happen to arouse
one or two, but very rarely. So, you, good-for-nothings, are
planning to retire? No way.
You’ll have to work for a while. – We are senior citizens…
– Ready for retirement… It looks as bad as that. We’ll get back our youth. We’ll become young again
to harm people with new energy. How can we get young again? – Can anyone hear us?
– No, I guess, there’s no one. Do you know that… You scared me out of my wits!
Damn you, the silly wooden thing! I’m thirsty. Forget it! Scat! Do you know, you spongers, that a lot of kids are just wasting
their time? We must pick up this time
and appropriate it. How can you appropriate it?
Time is not a pocketbook. A person loses a pocketbook
and you take it. That I understand. But time… how shouId I put it…
it’s immaterial! It’s immaterial for the people, but for us, wicked magicians,
it is very material! It’s like the sand,
this time lost. It shouId be swept up with
a besom and put into a bag, with an incantation pronounced
over it. Chigri-migri, sharandy-barandy,
what went from you that came to us. What went from you that came to us! We’ll make dough
from that sand and fry pancakes
in olive oil. Then we’ll eat them and get young. – And what’ll happen to our old age?
– It will go over to the kids. They will become old persons.
It’s good for us and bad for people. Go for it, ragged tails! Sonny! Petya! You haven’t had your
breakfast again? I’ve taken it with me.
I don’t have time, I’m running late! But you found time for chasing
the sparrows? Ivan Gurgenovich,
what time is it? – Only ten minutes before the bell.
– Oh, I can do it ten times more. – Andriushka!
– You’re tickling me. – Avdotya!
– I’ve got stuck again. – You all remember the incantation?
– Yes, we do. – Are the sacks with you?
– Here they are! As the people say,
break the leg! ‘Tis a favorite song of mine,
I can sing it every time. For it suits a chauffeur all right! Song of beautifuI spring days,
Of my lovely native place, And of what we have to value
With all our might. Precious time, precious time,
Very precious time. It shouId serve for our good,
Raise the country’s output. We shall work and sing a song,
Time is going on and on, Hour by hour, day by day,
eon by eon. Life is beautifuI, I tell you!
It will never ever fail you If we only are able
Time to value. Precious time, precious time,
Very precious time. Every minute, every second
You and I will have to value. Sonny! – Sonny, will you be so kind?
– What’s up? Give us a lift to the town,
be kind to the old people. No problem.
Get in, grannies and grandads. Isn’t he a nice fellow! – Let me get in first!
– No, I’ll go first! We shouId heIp each other, otherwise people will see
through us right away. – Let me heIp you up.
– Oh, please, thank you very much. – What about me?
– With my pleasure. Merci! Some merci!
With your heeI banging on my head. Hush up, malingerer! Get in! – Move it!
– Let’s go! I love thatjob! You’re just swinging your baton,
and everybody obeys you. It’s cool! – Won’t you be late for school?
– No, I’m already running! Here’s your bath-house, old man! Enjoy your steam bath! Lay off, you lout. Get ready for
a workout on the job. To warm up, let’s do one evil thing
each before starting our work! Get ready. And-one, and-two,
and-three, and-four… Wait! I’ll mail our snitching! Fly, fly, my doves! Well, let’s try this! I’ll teach you a good lesson! And now let’s go over to
hydrotherapy. Gotcha, Andriushka! – Who did this?
– I don’t know. I have no idea.
HeIp! I’m on fire! Not a bad warm-up, heh?
It makes you stronger! So much for the morning workout,
Now it’s time for work. Right, Prokofy Prokofievich!
Let’s go to work! Chigri-migri, sharandy-barandy,
what went from you that came to us. Chigri-migri, sharandy-barandy,
what went from you that came to us. Nasty thing. Chigri-migri, sharandy-barandy,
what went from you that came to us. Chigri-migri, sharandy-barandy,
what went from you that came to us. Make way for the second shift! – Hey, may I lend it for a sec?
– Sure. Watch out, Kolia! Some swimmers!
I couId show them high class! Oh, our neighbor. Petya, why are you
hanging around here? It’s just for a minute.
I want to watch it. Three minutes left before the bell. Run back to school,
or I’m going to tell your mother. – I’ll make it, Ivan Gurgenovich!
– You’d better do! Loves me, loves me not,
loves me, loves me not… – Does it bite good, man?
– Beat it from here! I’m not scared of you. My singing aberrations,
do-re-mi-fa-sol, Made the teacher lose her patience,
sol-fa-mi-re-do! Shut up, you’ll scare the fish off! It seems to be full! Five crates… muItiplied by… No, seven crates muItiplied by… Sit down, Kutyapina!
You must catch up on your studies. – She wanted to give me “B”.
– Quiet! – Petya Zubov!
– He is not in today. Not in again?
He must be sick. – Makarov, have you solved the problem?
– I have. Go ahead, tell us. The problem is about apples. A store got seven crates with
the Mackintosh apples and three crates with the Golden
Delicious apples. There are 15 kilos in each crate. One kilo of Mackintosh
costs 75 kopecks, and one kilo of Golden Delicious
costs one rouble… The question is
how much water is required for four sacks of time lost? Exactly twenty mugs.
Avdotya, did you pour the water? I did, my vicious one. – Did you pour all of the time?
– To the last second. Now knead it to exhaustion.
Anna Ivanovna, are you exhausted? I am. My arms are numb,
my feet are killing me. Good! It’s time! Avdotya, cut the cakes!
Andriushka, give me a griddle! I want the biggest cake. – Why?
– I stole the olive oil. Quiet! Three minutes plus seven
equals ten. Ten plus twenty five
equals thirty five. A boy or a girI will lose one
minute, we’ll get a month younger. They’ll lose tweIve minutes –
we’ll get a year younger. This is the magic arithmetic
for you. It’s enough to eat only
two cakes to get as young
as we need. Whoa! You’ll take the cakes
when I command you to. – Right.
– Andriushka, put it back! Anna! Avdotya! This way
you’ll have nothing left for me! Stop clowning. What is it? My hair? Right! Andriushka, put it down. Parasite! Glutton! You spongers!
What have you done? I wanted you to become
young aduIt sorcerers, and you turned yourseIves into kids! – I don’t wanna be a kid!
– You think they want to? That’s all your fauIt, Andriushka!
You were the first to grab a cake! Hit him, Avdotya! With the griddle! – Now I’m going to whack him!
– I’ll put in a complaint! What’s happening to us? Now you’ve done it! – Watch out, or you’ll get it!
– I’m not doing anything. Try to catch me! Let’s go! Marusia’s grown up! Wait, girIs! Aren’t you going
to jump some more! I’m afraid I’ll be tardy for school. My singing aberrations,
do-re-mi-fa-sol… Sir, what do you think you’re
doing? I’m sorry. I promise never
to do it again. You promise? You want me
to take you to the precinct? What is going on? Hello, Aunt Natasha.
Is the clock fast again? – Who are you?
– Petya Zubov, from the 3rd grade. – Are you tardy again, lazybones?
– It doesn’t matter any more. And where’s Petya Zubov
from the 3rd grade? Here I am. Are you kidding, granddad? I’m a boy, Petya Zubov
from the 3rd grade. Why are you trying to scare me,
Aunt Natasha? That’s you who’s scaring me,
granddad! I’m not a granddad, I’m a boy. A boy? You got soused
so early in the morning, granddad. What’s going on? I must be sleeping
and seeing a dream. Yes, of course. Stop clowning. Get out of here! It’s a school,
there’re children around. – Aunt Natasha!
– Come on, go away, dear. Some character… While I’m still asleep,
let the guys take a look at me. – Good morning, Dmitry Nikolaevich!
– Good morning. Kolia, come here. How you doing? How do you do, granddad.
How do you know me? I know everything about everyone
here. I know that you have a hedgehog
and a turtle at your home. And that last Sunday you were
not allowed to go to the movies. That’s right. – Shall I tell you why?
– No, don’t… Because you had a fight with
your sister. – Shall I tell how old she is?
– Please, don’t… She is only three. If I were you, Zina,
I wouIdn’t be so happy now. Yesterday, you got “E”
for arithmetic. I know everything about all of you. Then tell us who else got “E”
for arithmetic. – It doesn’t matter.
– You don’t know, do you? – Petya Zubov.
– That’s right! – He is a bad student anyway.
– Who? Petya Zubov.
He is a problem child. Aren’t you afraid he’d beat you up
for these words? – He’d beat me up?
– Yeah! – I’ll lay him down with one hand!
– He’ll never forgive you for this. I know who you are!
You’re Petya Zubov’s grandfather! I heard you’re Petya Zubov’s
grandfather? How do you do? Hello, Maria Sergeyevna. – What’s wrong with Petya?
– Nothing serious. A sore throat. It’s not dangerous. I’m glad.
I was going to call his parents. Please, no parents,
Maria Sergeyevna! Of course. I can talk with you.
Petya is a very gifted boy! Very gifted! But he’s extremely disorganized,
and he’s wasting a lot of time. – I’ll see what I can do.
– Please. – CouId you give me some advice?
– Of course. How can we teach the children
to value their hours and minutes? You shouId buy them all
wrist watches and tell them their price. Then all of them will value
their hours! Goodbye, granddad! Children, go back to your class. – Goodbye, granddad!
– Goodbye… Leave me alone! – Sorry, granddad!
– Think better, backward child! It wasn’t a nice thing to do to
Maria Sergeyevna. I said something stupid. Never mind, after all, I’m sleeping.
Shall I wake up? No, it’s too early. Waiting for your grandkid too? Come sit down, let’s talk. This is our, old people’s, job now. Though it seems like yesterday
that we ourseIves went to school. – Are you retired?
– Yeah… – What did you do before that?
– Me? Well, you see… – I see. All kind of things.
– Yes, all kinds of things. And I had a famous profession –
turner of the highest qualification. At first I worked in Sukhumi. – I know, it’s in Central Asia.
– It’s in the Caucasus, in Abkhazia. Then, together with my family,
we moved to Ashkhabad. I know, it’s in the Caucasus. No, this is in Central Asia. Your
geography seems to be mixed up. – How old are you, granddad?
– I’m nine. Thirty nine. Sixty nine. That looks more like it. And what was your lastjob? I don’t seem to remember…
Oh yes, I was a doctor. – What ailments did you treat?
– Any ailment. I treated scarlet fever… and mumps. You know, when your neck is
swollen and you need compresses. I treated measles too. When you
have to be in bed. It’s so boring. And diphtheria too. – So, you were a children’s doctor?
– Children’s and grown-ups’ and… – Do you smoke?
– Never even tried it. Let’s have a smoke, okay?
– No one will see us. Have you really never smoked?
I don’t think you shouId start now. One has to start some time. Guys
did smoke but won’t let me try. I see. I think I’d better be going! The principal… Dmitry Nikolaevich!
The cigarette… He must be nuts! – Have you lost something?
– No, I already found it. All right then. Petrovich, why are the blocks
not coming? The crane operator has got grit in
his eye and was taken to hospital. – What are we going to do?
– We’re standing idle. They promised to send us a very
experienced old man, Dubov. He will be here any minute. That must be him.
Hello! – Are you Dubov?
– I’m Zubov. Perhaps, I got it wrong over the
phone. We’ve been waiting for you. – For me?
– Yes! You must know a lot about
those cranes? I put them together every day.
I’ve got a constructor set. He’s a constructor,
with higher technical education. Will you heIp us out?
Please, come up the crane. No! Not this one! Don’t be so modest. Please! – All right, I’ll try.
– Of course. I’ll try it! – What’s wrong?
– Why not? I’ll try it. – The old man looks experienced.
– A constructor. I did it! I’m so hungry.
Well, I’ll eat later. Come on, old man! Lift! Where is it, this “lift”? Is it stuck? I’m going
to unhook the slings! Are you crazy, old man? Come on, get it down! Down, I said! He’s really something! HeIp! Get me down! My dear fellows!
I have a family, children! HeIp! Get me down! What d’you know,
he’s got children… Oh, good heavens! I’ll show you, constructor! Jump down, Petrovich! – Come on, jump!
– All right. I’m alive, guys! Thank you, friends! I’m no good.
I can’t do anything. Lisa, come receive the rest of the
stuff! I’ll do it later!
Don’t you see I’m all alone here? Granddad, can you look after
my apples, please? I have to go to receive the goods. – Sure I can.
– Thanks. I’ll be right back. – Can I sell them?
– Yes. The prices are quoted there. This is easy! We just had a problem
to solve about apples. How much do you want? Half a kilo of Mackintosh and
700 grams of Golden Delicious. First we must calculate
how much you shouId pay. The problem is as follows:
A store received apples. Seven crates of Mackintosh and
five crates of Golden Delicious. How much shouId I take for 700 g
of these and 1 .5 kilo of those. – Half a kilo.
– And half a kilo of those. – Are you the last one in line?
– Yes. We take two shoppers… No, three shoppers. And divide
them by 1 1 crates… Can you do it faster?
People here may be late for work. So, we have 45 kilos of Pippin
for 88 kopecks That will amount to 39 roubles and
60 kopecks. – Right, Petrovich?
– Right. And 70 kilos of Jonathan
for 90 kopecks. Sixty three roubles. The bottom line is 102 roubles and
60 kopecks. Right, Petrovich? Right! You are a professor! Hey, boy, is this the arithmetic
book? It will come handy. Isn’t it a bit too late for arithmetic,
old man? Where’s that problem about apples? – He is nuts!
– We’ll check it right away. I’m fed up with your apples! My hat! My coat and hat!.. We’re just losing time! Move over, boy. How is it going, granddad?
You haven’t sold much, have you? That’s enough, old man.
Go away, let the girI do herjob. Look what a long line you’ve
created! A long beard, but no brains. What about my book? Look at this line! A long beard, but no brains!
What do you think… I’ll go and have it shaved off. You’re getting a shave, sergeant,
and the traffic light does yourjob. No way! I’m not on duty yet. That’s it! It’s time to wake up! What’s happening?
Am I still sleeping? I’m going to tell my mommy.
Mommy! Are you all right, granddad? – Don’t you recognize me?
– Sorry, but no. – How come you don’t recognize me?
– No, I don’t. Please, do remember me. Oh, yes, you’re our new electrician. Stop by Apartment 12, please.
We have a fuse blown. – A fuse?
– Yes, a fuse. Apartment 12. – Blown.
– Where are you going? A very strange man. A fuse… Where are you dragging me,
Friendly? My dear Friendly!
At least you recognized me. Now I’ll be all right! – What are the piroshki with, ma’am?
– With meat, rice and jam. Give me, please, one…
with jam. Here you are. No, ma’am, I’ve changed my mind. You’d better make up your mind
before asking. And don’t call me ma’am. You’re
old enough to be my grandfather. It’s not respectable, old man! Grandfather!.. OId man!..
Are they all crazy? Do I look like ma’am? What? Are you hungry? Have you got money?
No? You must earn it. You are an artist! You’ve
earned it! Here you are! Thanks, Friendly! You’re my only true friend. If I really were an old man,
I’d be entitled to a pension. But who wouId give me a pension
if I worked only for three years? In the first, second and third
grades. Besides, I was getting only
D’s and E’s. But a man needs food.
One little pie is not enough. My own mother didn’t recognize
me… An electrician, she says. Am I an electrician? I’d better go to the woods where
no man’s foot has ever stepped, make myself a bow and arrows and live on hunting,
berries, mushrooms… That must be the place where
no man’s foot has ever stepped! No, it stepped here.
Maybe, over there? Who is it? What is it? Vow! That’s a real forest! No man’s foot has ever stepped
here for sure! Friendly, go for game! That’s quite a dacha! I’ll just ask them for some water.
And, maybe, for something to eat. I’m thirsty! I’m thirsty! Gee! It’s made of wood,
but it can talk! – I’m thirsty!
– Wait, I’ll give you some water. Come on, birdie, drink it. Thank you, boy. How do you know I’m a boy? Because I’m a magic cuckoo. Then you must know why I became
an old man? That’s the spell of an evil sorcerer. But how come I didn’t notice it? A person who’s losing time does
not notice how he’s getting old. That’s right.
Cuckoo, please, heIp me. I promise to never lose time
again. I’ve been serving them for ten
years, two months, three weeks, four days, six hours,
seven minutes and thirteen seconds. And they never took pity on me. – Not once did they give me a drink.
– Scoundrels! All right. I know that my head
will roll, but I will heIp you. Turn the clock hand
three full circles back, and you will be a boy again. – And that’s all?
– That’s all! – So easy?
– So easy! It’s great! There are two more girIs and a boy
who have been turned to old people. If you turn the hand without them,
you will become a boy, but they will remain old forever. – What shall I do then?
– Why? Turn the hand! No, young pioneers never behave
like that. I shouId find them first. Good boy! Look out the window,
lest someone is coming. I’ll tell you the incantation. There are some kids coming.
Two boys and two girIs. These are evil sorcerers.
Hide, quick! Friendly, go under the bench.
Quick! Quiet! First we’re going to give
these slingshots to kids. They’ll cripple all the cats and
dogs, and shoot the birds. Smart boy you are, my evil one! What’s that smell? It smells of a stranger. No, I must have imagined it. – Maybe, under the trestle bed?
– Let’s check out. False alarm.
But I got really scared. Scared of what? If the bewitched kids happen
to guess it and come to our hut today
before sunset, and if they turn the clock hand
three full circles back and say our incantations,
then they’ll become kids again. – And what about us?
– We’ll disappear. – How can they guess it?
– How can they find one another? – How can they know about the hand?
– How can they know the incantation? Chigri-migri, sharandy-barandy… Bless your heart, dear! I didn’t sneeze.
Bless you, sponger. I didn’t sneeze, either. Avdotya, Anna, was it you? No, we didn’t, dear. I don’t like it.
We shouId check it out better. It’s going to bite me! This dirty dog has sniffed us out! Throw it out! Get out, dirty dog! We’ll have to move.
They got wind of this place too. Now let’s get to work. We’ll still
be in time for final classes. Friendly, let’s get back to town. We must find the bewitched kids,
or they’ll stay old people forever. Come here. Listen! – Now you got what’s going on?
– We got it. Do it! Vasya, forty-eight –
I want a half of what you ate. Give it away,
and stay hungry yourself. Forty-nine – it’s all mine. Have it all to yourself, scrooge. Don’t even dream of someone
else’s cream. A very gifted boy. – Try to hit the one to the right.
– Let’s not hurt them. You sissy! A crybaby! – We may break the window.
– Or we may not! Only the brave ones take chances. The brave, you say? Look! Next! Now it’s your turn! What’s the heck! – Why did you trip me up?
– I didn’t! I saw it! – She saw it!
– I didn’t! – You’ll get whacked for it!
– Don’t you dare! -‘Cuse me, may I ask you a question?
– What is it? Don’t you happen to be a girI?
From the third grade? Are you in your right mind, sir? I can explain it.
You see, I’m a boy myself. A boy? I was turned to this in the morning,
but I must get back before sunset. – Do you understand?
– I understand! Let’s go! – Where?
– To the militia! I’ll show you a girI
from the third grade! I’ll show you what a girI I am! Catch him! Catch the hooligan! He’s scaring people! No, this won’t do. I must find
them by some distinctive marks. Come on, Friendly. One! Two! Three! Four!
One! Two! Three! Four! Making sand cakes, old girI? Friendly! I’ve found one! – Hi, girI!
– What do you mean, girI? Stop pretending! What about
the cakes, the kids’ magazine? I write about children’s games
for this magazine. Now it’s my turn! I’m a complete failure. You must heIp me
find the old kids. Faster! Faster! Thirteen! Fourteen! – What grade are you in?
– The third grade. Why? – What’s your name?
– Marusia Morozova. Why? You are bewitched, that’s why.
Just like myself! Let’s go! – Did you lose your time?
– I did. Now you can see the resuIt.
Look at yourself in the puddle. – What’s the matter with me?
– You’re bewitched! And what happens now? This one is being tardy
for school too! What are you standing here for?
Why are you losing your time? I’m not losing anything.
I’m already on my way from school. Some people are so weird. I saw
a granny playing hop-scotch. – You say, a granny?
– Yes. – Where?
– Right around the corner! We’ve found another one! Come quick!
We have to find two more. I’m running! Remember, before sunset! – GirI, you must be 10 years old!
– Right. But why? We’re going to save you!
What’s your name? Nadia.
From what are you saving me? – She doesn’t know anything!
– From old age! You’re bewitched, like us.
Now you’ll see it! Look! She got it! What’s up, folks? – What class are you in?
– Just an amateur. He’s not one of us! The worId is full of nutty people! Again! GirIs, follow me! – We’re coming. Marusia, hurry!
– I’m running! – “Horrible Secret”. Come on!
– It’s R-rated. – But we’re bewitched.
– Right! “Horrible Secret”! Where our fourth bewitched is,
that’s a horrible secret! Friendly, track him! – Look where he’s going!
– Quiet! Don’t distract him! – Your ticket, granddad.
– I’m already sixteen, ma’am! – Sixteen?
– I swear. I turned 16 yesterday. I only look like a third-grader,
but I’m a grown-up. Go ahead, young man! Wait a minute, granddad!
Let’s step aside. Come over here. I promise not to do it again, please! I’ll tell him. You’re bewitched! – Don’t fall back! We’ll make it!
– Where to? To the forest, quick!
The sun is coming down! – A marathon for senior citizens?
– Must be some sports games. – Sprightly old folks!
– They’re alive and kicking! Wait, my vicious ones, this girI
is mine! And this one is mine!
Where are they running to? Don’t you understand, oafs?
They know our secret! I’m going to faint! We must overtake them to the hut
and hide the clock. – Conductor, stop the bus!
– Stop it! Oh, my heart!
Give me a piece or I’ll die! – Forty-nine – it’s all mine.
– I wish you didn’t learn it. Chigri-migri, sharandy-barandy!
What went from you… Guys, move up! I can’t bear it, give me a soda! Run for your life! The magicians! Friendly! Beg for it! – Will you give us a lift, uncle?
– Where do you want to go? – To the forest.
– It’s on my way. Get in, grannies and granddads.
It’s my lucky day for old folks. We didn’t make it! We have to see yet who wins!
Follow me! Hurry up, make a call! – Damn it!
– They cut off the receiver! Is it 91 1?
Two old men and two old women ran away from a loony house. They’re on the highway, heading
for the forest. On the highway? Just a minute! – They’re pretending to be kids.
– An old story. Just ask them who they are:
old people or school children. Thank you. We’ll catch them! Get an ambulance ready!
We’re on our way. Dangerous mad people! Hurry up! Follow me! Wait a minute! That’s a pretty toy. Stop them! Hooligans!
They stole a car! They stole my car!
I won it! In a lottery! Stop, I’m teIling you! I demand that you stop! Stop them, folks! They took my car! The stole it! Sergeant Masliuchenko reporting.
A “Moskvitch” car is stolen. License number 32-46. 32-46! I’m leaving my post.
Following the thieves! Hurry up, Officer, I beg you!
Catch them! Again! We’ll be late! Hurry up, Prosha! – Stop yeIling!
– What are we going to do? That’s the hollow! Where to? Why? Excuse me, are you school children? – Yes, we are!
– We’re bewitched! – Turned to old people!
– Until sunset. It happens. We have to check this fact. Please, don’t detain us. – Or we won’t be able to turn…
– Back to kids… I won’t keep you long.
I’m a very good doctor. I’ll just check your heart rate. – You won’t give us any injections?
– No, no injections. They’re really kids.
They’ve got children’s heart rate. Just as I told you! I’m afraid I’m going mad.
Tie me up! Carry me away! Boys and girIs… Where to? Into the hollow, quick! What about you? – I’m afraid.
– Don’t be! That has been quite a day! – I’m scared!
– The forest is so frightening! Just an ordinary magic forest.
I know every path here. – Still I’m afraid.
– Then remain an old man. – Follow me, girIs!
– What about me? Hurry up! Anna!
Avdotya! Andriushka! Where are they, sergeant? The lock! Friendly, hold up the magicians.
Do anything, but hold them up! The window is shuttered. – What shall we do?
– I’ll try to get in by the chimney. Cuckoo, do you hear me? We can’t open the door.
HeIp us! Write on the door
the following words: “Work before pleasure”. But spell it right.
Then the door will open. – We need a piece of chalk!
– I’ve got it! I was on duty today at school. – Work…
– Before… – Pleasure!
– Pleasure! Bloody dog, he’s dead! Beat him up, Prosha! – Andriushka, bewitch the dog!
– Yes. I forgot the incantation! Try to remember, or I’ll kill you! Snip, snap, snourre… No! I got it!
Tip-top, doggy, stop! Petrified, aren’t you, bloody dog? Work before plesure. This is the end of us! A mistake! “Plesur”. – It won’t open!
– No, “plesure”! I know, it shouId be “pleasure”! I can’t see anything. – I’m scared!
– Let’s open the shutters. – Where’s the clock?
– Over there! Chigri-migri… – Vasya, take the old man!
– I’m afraid! Sharandy-barandy! There you go!
It will serve you right! What went from you that came to us! What went from you that came to us! I’ve come back, guys! The spell is over! Remember, kids:
work before pleasure! Thank you, cuckoo! All the years spent in vain
You will never get back again. Whatever you’re doing
Do it in good faith. Whether studying at school,
Or operating with the tool, Time shouId be always valued,
Time shouId be always saved. Precious time, precious time,
Very precious time. Every minute, every second
You and I will have to save. The Tale’s End


на 3:33 часы снова показывают сперва 7:50 и спустя секунду уже показывают 8:15.

Я то думаю почему в больницах такие очереди? Так это оказывается все бывшие тунеядцы

Депутаты все из этого фильма, только так и не поняли смысл

Конечно, их не бывает, глупая псина. Вера в волшебников– это пережиток невежества, которое поддерживают западные империалистические шишки в умах эксплуатируемых граждан, чтоб те не вели классовую борьбу и тратили энергию на иррациональные и архаические страхи.

А время действительно летит, не успел оглянуться — уже дед.

Вот так бы съесть лепёшек и помолодеть.. СМОТРИШЬ И ВСЯ ЖИЗНЬ ВПЕРЕДИ… НАДЕЙСЯ И ЖДИ!!!!
…Ещё думаю как бы хотели сейчас помолодеть НАШИ ВЛАСТЬИМУЩИЕ…
…ТУТ БАБЛА КУРЫ НЕ КЛЮЮТ… а уже рядом та дверь… и тут ты уже всё должен будешь оставить..
А это пиздёжь..
– Это всё для детей..
Типа отговорка и показать себя нищак при плохой своей игре

Смотрю и думаю… а вот этих людей уже и нет.. а они тоже не думали о той двери… и всё оставили тут и ушли…
и о них или по ним плакалинеплакали родичи..
а потом всё забыли "и всё поросло травой"
… И ЕСТЬ БИБЛЕСКАЯЖИТЕЙСКАЯ ИСТИНА не собирай сокровищ на земле..
это всё безполезно..
а вот оставить "СВОЙ СЛЕД" – это ЗАЧЁТ…
Смотрим и видим… читаем автора и вспоминаем… смотрим на генеалогическую таблицу своих предков и видим…
А все эти баблосы… и власть использованная не на хорошую память это всё фигня…
уйдут и никто не вспомнит хорошим словом…
Такова МЕТАФИЗИКА нашего существования в этом мире..
И не грейте себя всеми религиозными сказками об аде или рае..
что типа откланиваешься богу регулярно и тебе что-то обеспечено..
а кто об этом тебе сказал, что это так?
или кто-то тебе пообещал?
РЕАЛЬНОСТЬ – что тело твоё останется тут (со всеми твоими баблосами.. дачами… машинами и всей той мишурой)
… будьте реалистами

"Доносы? Кому они теперь нужны?! От времени отстали!" – сильная фраза. Фильм был снят в 1964 году, 11 лет после сталинщины. Оттепель!

Мне кажется злая волшебница в очках влюбился в самого главного то кто согласен Ставь лайк

Сегодня нашей молодежи такие фильмы чаще надо смотреть.сидят сутками за компом в своих стрелялках…спроси что,…не хера не знают,только я да я…а на деле рукожопые,простого не могут.спят до обеда как суслики.сто метров пробежать не могут,задохликами растут.

Ушытелныца пения мана дорымисафоль, я павёл в терпеные соля в памидор мана.


Эта собачка играла в фильме ВАРВАРА КРАСА , ДЛИННАЯ КОСА 1969 ГОДА . когда царевича Варвара обратила в пса .

17:28 так можно было? Даже в голову не приходило… Авторы фильма реальные злодеи.

Мне по школе надо читать а я посмотрю!😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀

Ну вот так всегда!Спасибо за такой чудесный фильм!С удовольствием смотрю даже в наше время.Очень интересно!

отличный фильм, только зачем текст на нерусском?

Смотришь эту сказку, душа отдыхает, охота в то время!!

мені всі савецькіє мультфільми з каналу киноконцерн мосфильм


Отрицательные персонажи пишут доносы по телефонной книге, как мило. Так-то спекулянтов, растратчиков, взяточников не было. Яковлев, Солженицын, Косыгин, Либерман появились не вдруг.

Так обрадовалась,что нашла этот фильм,но смотреть невозможно- звук где? Для глухонемых что- ли… Тогда сурдоперевод необходим… Выключаю

Смеялась от души. Мне нравиться а актеры и актрисы какие!

Я тоже не люблю завязывать шнурки
Слава богу китайцы уже придумали выход.


Вот и просрали ссср из-за стариков наркоманов и детей дибилов..)))

Обожаю этот фильм с детства! Это был мой любимый фильм в детстве. Класс!💕

Суперский фильм, хоть и совковый. Ещё порекомендую "Шаг с крыши", посмотрите – не пожалеете.

Супер! Мой любимый фильм с детства! Спасибо огромное за очень хороший мультик❤

Мне очень понравилась молодая Анна Ивановна – Зина Кукушкина 😍👍😎. Явно неспроста её взяли на эту роль – этакая кокетка с бездонными глазами и в тоже время – вреднюшка😜. Жаль что ничего не известно о ней. Где она сейчас?

"Давайте покурим…Никто не заметит…А то ребята в уборной курили,а мне не дали…"…..)))))))))

ну чо, прикольная сказка, как всегда со смыслом! я только не въехал, они там что жить остались?

они убили Кенни! СВОЛОЧИ!!! Нельзя без слёз говорить об этом.

Сейчас тоже один старичок любит одеться как подросток и изображать из себя байкера.Чем не сказка о потерянном для страны времени.

Смотрю этот фильм в 14…
Последний раз смотрел в 8-9 и очень запомнился. Ток щас понял смысл …. :/

10.54 на покой собрались, голубчики? Не получится! Придется ещё поработать… (Вам это ничего не напоминает?

Мне 8 лет а смотрю уже который раз!😅👍👍👍💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗кино просто во👍и кина поучительное😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤

Огромная пропасть между старым,имеющим свои традиции кинематографом, и теперешним,за редким исключением,киноделанием.Там была и идея и мораль и чудесные съемки.А теперь-ни морали,ни эстетики, ни актерского таланта,все на троечку с минусом.Не хочу очернять по-настоящему хорошое фильмы,говорю только о бездарных сериалах с бездарными актерами.Но ведь не только я,но и многие другие зрители отдают предпочтение старым советским фильмам.Там было чему поучиться.А теперь чему научишься-лукавству,предательству,обману,насилию,прелюбодеянию?Ничего святого.

Только сейчас заметила. В школе-то на лестнице на кованных перилах знаки зодиака! Этакая оккультнаЯ символика в советской школе! Как же это цензура пропустила?

Интересно,а теперь существует детский кинематограф,или его тоже объявили советским пережитком?

04:14 а идею с самозавязывающимися шнурками придумали оказывается не в "Назад в будущее", а этот пацан!

Не счастливый этот класс Б, всю мою историю в этом фильме показали😭🤧

Большевики создали одну честную сказку – эту. Эта сказка о России, которая потеряла время, людей и территории благодаря большевикам начиная с 25.10.1017 года. И продолжает это делать. Опять политические репрессии, удушения зачатков политических свобод. А нищее население и политические убийства в принципе никуда не исчезали в "свободной" России – Старовойтова, Рохлин, Политковская, Щекочихин, Немцов и так далее. Зарплаты по 5 тысяч рублей и пенсии по 8 тысяч – страна рабов и страна господ из ЕдРа. За стабильность! За Путина! За ЕдРо! За Мугабэ!

А я не знаю почему я такая же как в детстве я думала что я люблю тебя очень любим друг друга и не надо мне говорить

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